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      The Legend Of Enveloped Demons

      Purba Rgyal
      David Chiang
      याकी झांग
      Hou Dong
      Once upon a time, the demon slayer was a great hero who gets rid of demons. But as the demons were eliminated, the demon slayer, who had super powers, became a thorn in the flesh for the people, and whenever caught, they would be sent to jail. The demon slayers had to live in anonymity and in peace. The three brothers Tang Xi, Luo Chuan and Qiu Feng are now fishermen, living a simple life. However, an accident made them discover that the demon was reborn. The three brothers investigate deeply and identify the demon's trail at the brewery. However, both the common people and the city lord ignore their warnings and even want to arrest them for the crime. In order to prevent the demon from killing more people, they had to disobey the official order and kill the demon privately. However, this entire thing was actually conspiracy against the demon slayer, and someone was using the power of demons to kill them. The fate of the three was predetermined as early as at birth. The so-called beheading of demons, the so-called do the right thing for heaven, from the beginning is a lie.....

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