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      Love Playlist S1

      2021|South Korea|8 एपिसोड|Romance
      Kim Hyeong-seok
      Jung Shin Hye
      You Jin Lee
      Choi Hee Seung
      Im Hwe Jin
      Treasure (band)
      Ji won, who is from women's middle school and high school, started to date Hyun Seung for the first time in college. JiWon minds Hyun Seung's female friend Jae In. As Ji won suspected, Jae In had a crush on Hyun Seung since long ago. Meanwhile, Jiwon saw a photo of Jae In and Hyun seung together as school models. Ji Won's misunderstanding led to a big fight. At the same time, Min Woo kept his crush on Jae In secret since he didn't want to ruin the friendship. However, Yoon, a younger male, appeared and showed his interest in Jae In.

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