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      Forensic JD (Cantonese Ver.)

      12 एपिसोड

      चार्लिन चोई
      गिलियन चुंग
      Kenny Kwan
      Prince Mak
      Carlos Chan
      The drama unfolds the stories of the female medical examiner, JD Song Anyan, using the clues she got from the "Cause of Death Decoding Institute" and helping the police to solve the mysterious cases. At the same time, she's trying to find out what happened to her late father's case together with the mysterious girl, Lin Xiaomei, and passionate officer, Liu Zhinming. As JD Song Anyan is having HSP, her brain is highly sensitive to receive all the information every day. Even though it's unbearable, she has been able to solve the cases with the huge storage of information in her brain.

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