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      Imperfect The Series 2

      16 एपिसोड

      Aci Resti Kiky Saputri Neneng Wulandari Zsa Zsa Utari Dewi Irawan Reza Rahadian Ernest Prakasa Nola Ari Irham Abun Sungkar Arie Kriting Bintang Emon Bella Graceva Fadil Jaidi Melly Goeslaw Cinta Laura
      This series continues the story from the first season where Dika resigned from his work out of town and returned home to start his career as a photographer. Maria now just started to work and adapt as a hijab store clerk, and her unresolved relationship with Bima became more complicated as new boy came and gave her attention. We will also see Neti's struggle to find a new job other than being a make-up artist, Endah who became an even worse K-Pop fanatic, and how Prita showed her love for her dad and sister in an unconventional way.

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      Teluk Alaska


      Magic Hour The Series S01


      Legends of Dawn: The Sacred Stone


      It was adapted from the same series of novels as "A Love so Beautiful"


      Two-sided Life of Fat Mansion Becoming Handsome

      updated to 48

      Brother and sister laugh so hard everyday.


      Wu Zhiji, Breaking the Sky, Moving the Heaven and the Earth


      I Don't Want To Fall in Love with Human