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      Deity Of Love

      2022|Mainland,China|30 एपिसोड|Romance · Fantasy
      Mou zi
      Chen Tianxiang
      After the Jinshan Mountain was flooded, Snake Xiaoqing was sealed by Monk Fahai and guarded by the Demon Control Department. Five hundred years later, Li Xiuning, who came here to take the talent election exam of the Demon Control Department, stepped into Xiaoqing's sealing area and broke the seal by accident. As a result, Xiaoqing woke up but lost her memory because the seal was broken by force. To find her memory back and get to know the world, Xiaoqing went to Qingyun Valley with Li Xiuning and started a new life. As they grew familiar with each other, Xiaoqing found out about another identity of Li Xiuning. Just like that, what happened 500 years ago gradually came out and a love tragedy began between them…

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