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      Who Stole My Kiss

      24 एपिसोड

      Mikan Ryu
      Xia Ningjun
      Liu Zhiyi
      Qu Yicheng
      Song Peize
      Gao Kexin
      Han Tingting who dreams to become the "Romance Queen" is a white-collar planner in a love game company. After a gathering of the project team, she got drunk and dreamed of a white-shirt guy approaching her, shyly and gently kissing her. After she woke up, she realised that she was kissed but she can't remember who kissed her. Could it be the best game planner, Lu Bai, who is cold on the outside but heartwarming? Or the idol, Qin Mochi? Or the young kid, Lu Yuanyu? Or her childhood friend who has liked her for many years, He Rang? Han Tingting starts testing everyone...

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