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      Pretty Proofreader

      10 एपिसोड

      Ishihara Satomi Suda Masaki Honda Tsubasa Masato Wada
      Heye Yuezi, who had great interest in fashion, has been dreaming to be the Editor of top fashion magazine Lassy. After several failed interview, she finally got admitted by the publishing house of Lassy called Jingfan Press. However, she just got the boring job as proofreader. The positive blueprint depicted by her section chief Song Yuan made Heye grow some hope and she started to devote herself into proofreading in a unique way. During the work, inevitably she had conflicts with senior Teng Yan, chief editor of Jingfan Press Bei Zhong and even authors. While, the stubborn girl has influenced people around her. And her Mr. Right also appeared…

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