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      The Maid Ballad

      24 एपिसोड

      Hu Wenxuan
      Han Xinhao
      Zhou Chuanjun
      Li Jiaxiang
      Li Yang
      Gao Yiran
      The daughter of a guilty official, Xuan Qiancao, has outstanding talent and is determined to clear her father's name. She actively seeks a powerful backer, while the Emperor's illegitimate son, Chen Tongxue, is in danger due to the machinations of the Crown Prince. The two individuals, each with their own motives, approach each other and use each other, but eventually fall in love after facing life and death together time and time again. They join forces to fight against their enemies and work together to create a peaceful and prosperous world for all.

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      The Matchmaker in the fairyland acting as a go-between

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      An “ugly duckling” transforms into a gorgeous medical consort.


      We miss you Xiao Zhan

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      A Romance Triggered by a Badge

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      Don't Forget My Love

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      Bitter-Sweet Love Begins as Archenemies Form an Alliance