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      Throne of Seal

      52 एपिसोड

      Six thousand years ago, the Demon God appeared and creatures were turned into demons. The mankind created six Temples to fight the demons. Long Haochen joins the Knights Temple. As he grows, an adventure unfolds. He wins the recognition of others and fights with the Six Temples against the demons for the sake of human beings. He sacrifices himself to protect the people. Could Long win the Throne of Seal and be granted the highest honor in the Knights' Temple? All remained to be revealed.

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      updated to 73

      Human evolution is the only answer.


      Ask the fairy with my sword, how do I practice with no distraction?

      updated to 246

      Don't regret entering the Tang Gate in this life


      Extraordinary adventure, a teenager reborn from adversity.

      updated to 7

      The legend continuing in the turbulent situation of the Martial arts World


      A grandmaster practices martial arts techniques in human world.

      updated to 64

      The hoot of the immortality cultivation world is back!


      The boy changed his life into a king


      One street and two circles, alternating day and night.