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      Candle in the Tomb

      Yu Yi
      Fu Mei
      कोंग लियानशुन
      Hu Bayi and his friends were attacked by some unknown creature in Qunming Mountains several years ago, and Hu Bayi was the only one that got escaped. Shirley Young, coming back from the US, invited Hu Bayi to join her and go to the Ancient Spooky City in order to find her father and the truth about the death of Hu Bayi's friends.

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      The trio gathered and fought their way through mysterious Kunlun


      Hit Team

      All 10 EPs

      The unexposed clips are presented exclusively


      Grave-Raiders Go to the Underground Palace and Fight Against Three Beasts

      All 12 EPs

      Wu Zhiji, Breaking the Sky, Moving the Heaven and the Earth

      All 10 EPs

      The Untamed Top 10 Scenes


      The Red Sparrow


      Hatred and Love Between God and Demon

      All 21 EPs

      Pan Yueming and Gao Weiguang exposes the mysterious secrets