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      My Tooth Your Love

      12 एपिसोड

      Jui-Chih Chiang
      Andy Wu
      Alex Chou
      Michael Chang
      Tim Cheng
      The distance between a patient and a dentist is the closest distance between strangers. But… are you also afraid of going to the dentist? Love is the same as going to the dentist. You can't find the solution if you are afraid. You have to have the courage to sit on the dental chair and receive treatment to find the best way to make your love get the best care. This is a story about teeth and love. Teeth, the most unique thing in the body other than DNA. They will be with you until you are old. They can be intact even after a thousand years. When the thing you fear the most and love are connected, a story hidden in the city is about to unfold. The things that are difficult to remove by yourself in the world are teeth, as well as love.

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