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      Hello Debate Opponent S2

      2021|Mainland,China|30 एपिसोड|Story
      Wu Jiayi
      Zhai ZiLu
      Lu Zhaohua
      Mi Mi
      The once strong debating school Eastern University of Finance and Economics merged with its equally competitive rival Northern Jiaotong University. Xiaoyu, Nanbei, Tao Hao and Tuanzi, who were members of Team One of Eastern University of Finance and Economics, faced a huge crisis of being replaced by Liu Yanze, who refused Tuanzi’s love confession for him, and Yin Nan, Xiaoyu’s childhood enemy. Not willing to be assigned to the backup team, Team Two decided to launch a challenge, but unfortunately lost. The members of Team Two went from “resigning themselves to their fate” to “turning the tables”, gradually gaining fun and friendship in the debate. Debate taught them a lot, and they really fell in love with it. However, Team One was worried that the fast-growing Team Two would steal the limelight in the national competition, and started giving them a hard time. They trained hard for the national competition, but met their arch rival, Team One, in the semi-finals. Faced with the pressure from school, the collective honor and their own dreams, they have to make the most difficult choice of the year.

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