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      Candle in the Tomb: The Weasel Grave

      2017|Mainland,China|20 एपिसोड|Suspense · Story · Thiller · Action · adventure
      HuGuan ZhenxiangFei
      एथन जुआन
      लुलु जू
      हाओ हाओ
      रयान लियू
      ली मचें
      टाइलोंग शांग
      ज़ियागुआंग हू

      The Weasel Grave is the second season of the Tencent Penguin Picture web series "Candle in the Tomb".It was adapted from the novel "The Adventures of Three Tomb Raiders"of Muye Zhang.The play is co-directed by Guan Hu and Fei Zhenxiang, written by Feng Ji and Xu Su, and starred by Ruan Jingtian, Xu Lu, Hao Hao, Liu Chao and Li Yujie. It tells the story of Hu Bayi and Fa Xiaowang adventure in their ealier age, they met Hua Mei, Ding Sitian,Yan Zi and other girls, because of their curiosity, they accidentally entered the weasel grave where been called “Death gaze " and find the remain of the Japan's" water supply army ".

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