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      Total 45 EP

      Jin Dong
      Jiang Shuying
      Li Naiwen
      Li Zonghan
      Zhilei Xin
      Cheng Hao is a dentist of a top dental clinic who helps others map out strategies to pursue girls after work. However, the love expert himself is still a bachelor. Luo Yue, a girl toughened by her heartbreaking love relationships, comes to see a dentist who happens to be Cheng Hao. The two who loathe each other start a romantic tug of war full of laughter. Cheng Hao’s partner, Zhang Mingyang is in love and asks Cheng’s help to woo a girl who used to be Cheng’s dream lover. Cheng Hao’s friend, Zou Beiye asks for Cheng’s idea to win a model’s heart. In the end, the trinity who face different issues in love find their soulmates and become mature men.

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