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      Soul Land (Thai Ver.)

      2018|Mainland,China|All 263 EPs|MysteriousFantasy
      Tang’s clan outer disciple Tang San, who secretly learnt the inner sect's greatest power jumps off the cliff to prove his sincerity. With another identity, he enters another world full of Martial Souls, named Soul Land. Each kid's Martial Soul will be awakened in the Martial Soul Temple when they are six. Be it animal, plant or weapon type, Martial Soul can help out their daily routines. It is also the strongest occupation with utmost honour in Soul Land, the soul master.Little Tang San embarks his journey to be a soul master from the Saint of Soul Village, together with his dream to revive Tang's clan. When the secret weapons of Tang's clan reach the Soul Land, when Tang San's Martial Soul is awakened, can he still rebuild the glory times of the Tang's clan?

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