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      Total 45 EP

      Hawick Lau
      Rulu Jiang
      Damian Lau
      Main Wu
      Zheng Zhao
      Zheng Hao, an elite lawyer of the Law of Succession, keeps saying that he wants a new job and a big fortune. Unexpectedly, one day, a paralegal named Tang Ning offers to work for him. Tang Ning returns to China after her education in the USA, only to be threatened by her aunt to give up all her shares of the family business with a passbook of an immense amount. Everything seems to track down to Zheng Hao. As the investigation goes deeper, Zheng Hao's mysterious family background and righteous nature have a great impact on Tang Ning. He and Tang Ning no longer suspect each other but stand together, during which they even have deep feelings for each other.

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