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      Prince of Lan Ling

      2013|Mainland,China|Total 46 EP|Romance · Traditional Costume · Story
      William Feng
      Ariel Lin
      Daniel Chan
      Zhai Tianlin
      Shawn Wei
      George Hu
      Nikita Mao
      Wendy Wang
      Angel Zhu
      Chunrong Dai
      He Zhonghua

      More than 1400 years ago, the war continued, the Northern Qi people against the enemies under the king'lead, and build a solid wall to proect themselves. During a battle with the Northern Zhou , the King Lanling accidentally intruded into the Isolated villages.Yang Xuewu, the futurity of village, fell in love with King Langling and knew Yuwen YI as friend. To built his own country , Yuwen Yi needs support from Yang Xuewu's identity. He tried to break the relationship of Yang Xuwu and King Langlin but failed. Xuewu and King Lanling worked hard within the feudal land, making the feudal Lanling rapidly develop into the richest feudal land of the Qi state, and won the hearts of the people. Emperor Gao Zhan of the Northern Qi was jealous of the prince's high latitude because of his beautiful words. He begged him not to pass on the throne to the Lanling King overnight. Unexpectedly, he killed his father and succeeded the emperor by mistake in the struggle. Then he designed and harmed the Lanling King and Yang Xuewu, which plunged the Lanling King into internal and external troubles and decided by the snow dance. The heart and the king of Lan Ling live and die...

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