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      The Code of Siam

      2020|Tiongkok Daratan|All 24 EPs|Ketegangan · Kriminal · Cerita
      Kasper Xie
      Wang Yang
      Kenneth Tsang
      Ken Lok Dat Wah
      Shiu Hung Hui

      The story is happened in Golden Triangle which is located in the border area between Thailand, Laos and Myanmar.It is one of the major drug producing areas in the world. A famous criminal named Xia Tian was offered a reward of 5 million for his life by the famous drug lord Bai in the golden triangle area. For a moment, both black and white were covetous to him. Soon after, the reward of 5 million were picked up by a mysterious man. When drug lord Bai saw the man, he found that it was Xia Tian! What will be the result when Xia Tian breaks into the tiger's den alone? Xia Tian not only saw drug lord Bai alone, but also took the bomb which was prepared by drug lord Bai played Russian roulette with him.

      They fight for their lives. Who will win in this thrilling gamble?

      Finally, Xia Tian calmly won the money of drug lord from Thailand, Laos and Myanmar. At this time, the International Criminal Police Organization (ICPO) also followed, It was more and more danger ...

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