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      Love Syndrome III

      2023|Thailand|Total 12 EP|Romance
      Longshi lee
      Thanatsaran Samthonglai
      Tinwiphat Khueankeaw
      Nontakon Chatchue
      Parinya Angsanan
      Thotsawat Sing-uppo
      Ratchanon Kanphiang
      Chindanai Dechawaleekul
      Rusharnon Whongkomonl
      Narongdech Kulkiattichai

      DAY and ITT have been together for the 3rd year. Both of them deeply in love. DAY always spoiled ITT because DAY wants ITT feel can’t live without him. ITT was so spoiled and he always do some stupid thing and overbearing. Although sometimes he gets scolded sometimes. One day ITT get sick and DAY had promising him for a cake. So ITT try to get stupid attention with Day. Even though DAY has plan to visit his shop in Chonburi. ITT try to beg and do an annoying call to DAY which had made DAY change his mind to driving while it was heavy raining all the way back to Bangkok then DAY got a car accident .

      He passed through life and death until he was resurrected ITT found that DAY had amnesia. Memories of the time when the two of them met and the relationship disappeared completely DAY only remembered the moment before he meet ITT. ITT is like a stranger to DAY. Which had made ITT very sad But ITT never give up still took good care of DAY. Even though he was hurt . DAY was quite annoyed with himself. When he can't remember the story of ITT , he sometimes act so mean to ITT quite a bit. But deeply DAY felt worried about ITT,. his subconscious made him feel jealous and worried about ITT. Even though he didn't say it out loud ITT tried to help recall DAY's memory.

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