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      I Love You Silly

      2021|Indonesia|All 8 EPs|Romance
      Monty Tiwa
      Prilly Latuconsina
      Jourdy Pranata
      Shenina Cinnamon
      Ajil Ditto
      Gabriella Desta
      Naufal Samudra

      Lily, the young, humble, and naive sweet high school girl always put herself aside, especially to her long friend, Jourdy. Jourdy's influence towards Lily is not viewed well by Lily's other friends, Mira. Mira tried to introduced Lily to her cousin, Jojo. Jojo is mature and loving, which convinces Mira that he is perfect for the tender Lily. Through Mira, Jojo tried to find his way to Lily. Things rumbling up when the badass Gia takes away Jourdy's attention. Gia charmed Jourdy in ways he never seen before. Rama, Jourdy's best friend welcomes Gia to their cycle. And yet, with Gia and Jojo between Jourdy and Lily, they both realized that there is more than just friendship between them.

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