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      Please Classmate

      Actor: R1SE EricXia Dai Luwa R1SE-Yan Xujia Zhou Yiran Si Waige Wang Yitian Leo Zhong Qiu Hongkai
      Senyong High School is composed of literacy students in North Campus and sports students in South Campus who dislike each other. The two campuses have been living together as rivals for many years. This year, the school decided to merge the two campuses. This news causes a great flutter. What’s worse, Yuan Caixi and Ning Zeyu from North Campus and Li He from South Campus who are both star students in their realm are divided into the same class, and even become deskmates. Since then, Senyong High School has opened a new era of "flammable and explosive" co-classes. From "antagonism" to "understanding", the young people grow up together and join hands to fight for honor.

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