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      My Lecturer My Husband S2

      2022|Indonesia|10 episódios|Story · Romance
      Monty Tiwa
      Reza Rahadian
      Prilly Latuconsina
      Estelle Linden
      Kevin Ardilova
      Josephine Firmstone
      Maura Gabrielle
      Nicho Bryant
      Angga Asyafriena Ukantas
      After a successful 1st season, My Lecturer My Husband series dives into Inggit's and Arya's life after marriage in it's 2nd season. They have to face the fact that marriage life is not easy, full of conflict, complicated, and also funny. Arya's past lover, Karin, came back from abroad. Meanwhile, Inggit has to close her chapter with Tristan. How strong can their love withstand the temptations of each other's past?

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