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      Love Through Time

      2022|Thailand|12 episódios|Romance
      Warodom Khemmonta
      Fasai Paweensuda Druin
      Susi Susira Angelina Naena
      Mos Pichet Priapyodying
      At the Morakot City, a land full of civilization. But there are still some secrets hidden. When Princess Kannika The daughter of the Morakot City mysteriously disappeared. Before the Prince of Bagan came to ask The picture was taken in Bangkok. A young woman in a traditional Thai dress on the stage of a Likay group. This young woman's face was unmistakably like Princess Kannika's. I was shocked to suddenly appear here. Causing her to run away until people were shocked by what had happened. This is the same time as the government CEO of a famous advertising company. I happened to be passing by and saw a young woman in traditional Thai dress running in front of the car. He suddenly braked the car. The government decided to take her home. Because he thought she had suffered a brain injury from the car accident that occurred. Now the story has gone big. When a government customer wants Kannika to be a model for advertising a product Kannika herself had no choice. Because the state is like her family. Make Kannika accept the work The one trade-off is that the government must help find a way to bring her back to the Morakot City, but… Accepting advertising work this time Inevitably, an enemy was created: Paula, the model who had this job stolen before her very eyes. Paula then began to think of various ways to bully the ladies, but always had a state that would protect them. But to be honest, going back to the Morakot City is not as easy as you think. When Suthee thought of taking advantage of taking Kannika back to the Morakot City. This made the state distrustful of Sutee. Until finally he knew He has a face like Ramathep's. Kannika's bodyguard was unmistakable. Suthee himself did not give up easily, he revealed the truth that He traveled through time from the Morakot City to Bangkok. Then he opens an antique shop because he knows the secret of the princess' disappearance. So what is it that he wants?

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