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      สามีแห่งชาตินำกลับบ้าน SS1

      2016|จีนแผ่นดินใหญ่|All 12 EPs|แนวรักโรแมนติก

      Lu Lunian and Qiao An are in the middle of the third year, because of a rain acquaintance, two people have mutual affection, but each time they are missed. In the past eight years, Lu Yannian finally got mixed up in the entertainment industry, and was going to find her confession on the night of Joan’s birthday. Also failed due to misunderstanding.

              Five years later, Han Ruchu looked for Lu Jianian to play Xu Jiamu, and then released the news of marriage with Joan. In an attempt to stabilize the family business, the two people who once fell in love with each other reunited and began to play the fake unmarried couple. The relationship between the two was frozen because of the previous misunderstanding. It was not until Lu Yunian and the two men rehearsed each other and rebuilt.


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