• G
  • 2005
  • 76mins
StarringJourdan SebastianJoel OlañoTeddy CorpuzJoaquin TupasMaui ManaloMiko AguilarBerting LabraIda RamosLily ChuPhilipp HarthPhilip MendezNic MilliganDirectorMichael Angelo DagnalanDubbed as neo-realist, is a story of a cellphone snatcher, J, who got into trouble when he steals Sam’s cellphone (a former cop-drug dealer). J thinks he hits it big-time when he gets a drug delivery through the snatched phone. But drug lord Rudy wants his drug money and so threatens Sam to get it back. But then again, local gangster Bonsai gets in the way and pushes J and Sam into deeper trouble. Sam and J team up to survive and eventually escape on a rusty PNR Bicol Express Train. The duo then DECIDE TO CHANGE THEIR LIVES as they reach the province. Drug lord Rudy eventually gets caught by the police when he throws the cellphone away that caused them all this trouble. Shot in the gritty streets of Cubao and Recto in Metro Manila, the film portrays man's attachment to material things that leads him to bad decisions and situations.