Tinitingnan Di Nakikita

Tinitingnan Di Nakikita

  • PG-13
  • 2010
  • 57mins
DirectorClodualdo Del MundoJr.Tinitingnan, ‘Di Nakikita presents little stories of misery, courage, and dreams. We meet Rose Mae, who lives in Tondo Building 4 and dreams of becoming a lawyer so that she can defend the less fortunate; Rachelle, whose bright spot in life is attending ballet workshops after school; Rey-Ann, who lives beside a crowded cemetery and manages to be a consistent honor student despite skipping a meal or two during the day; Jomar, who lives with his family in a garbage dump and plays goalkeeper for his school’s football team; Jerome, a teenager who gets a diploma from an extension school and finds time to participate in community programs; and street couple Manilyn and Nino, who are now faced with the challenge of bringing up their baby.