SubtitlesEnglishIndonesianMalayStarringMadhuri DixitShah Rukh KhanDirectorRakesh RoshanThis multistarrer stands out for the bristling portrayal of the mute but fiercely in love Shankar -- Shah Rukh Khan at his riveting best! Shah Rukh plays Shankar, the loyal right hand man of Raja, the rich local tyrant. One fateful day, Raja sees the lovely Gauri (Madhuri Dixit) and instantly wants to possess her. He sends her a marriage proposal, but with Shankar's photograph. But midway through the rites, Gauri sees Shankar standing in the crowd! She yanks off the groom's sehra, and is shocked to see the gnarled old face of the lustful Raja! The story takes a dramatic turn - for the mute labourer of discovers a primeval but beautiful kind of love for the trapped Madhuri. And he rebels against the Raja! Shah Rukh Khan is at his brilliant best in this beautifully directed and energetically cut a filmed story set in the coalmines.