• R
  • 2008
  • 70mins
StarringSherwin OrdoñezJojit LorenzoAshley Rhein ArcaChristian BurkeJeff LunDirectorRonaldo BertubinAmbet (Sherwin Ordoñez) is a small-time pickpocket lurking in the busy streets of Manila. Together with his gang of young criminals, he steals anything he can. Ambet's only family is his sister Luchie (Ashley Rhein Arca). She is afflicted with glaucoma, a disease which causes slow blindness of the eye. Ambet's illegal income is not enough to sustain the two of them and treat Luchie's illness. Then Marlon (Jojit Lorenzo) enters the picture. He is a cunning cameraman always chasing for video material on petty street crimes, prostitution, and prohibited drugs. As Luchie's eye condition aggravates, Ambet agrees to work for Marlon as an "undercover agent".