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It's My Life

It's My Life

  • G
  • 2018
  • 40mins
StarringTamim MridhaTasnuvaKazi UjjalSheikh ShopnaAzadMahin BappyTisaBiddut AhmedWasim RubelFarida HaqueTamim is the only son of Dr. Hashem and Dr. Rehnuma. He is also studying in Dhaka Medical College and he is a bright student. His only problem is, he is very jolly! He always likes to prank others and crack jokes. But an incident changes his life. On a fresher's reception party, he mimicks his teachers and the video goes virul. That doesn’t stop there and eventually it gets him expelled from the college. His parents were furious but he takes this fate positively. And now he wants to pursue his career as a stand up comedian! But can he do it against all odds? That’s the question!