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Alice In Wonderland

Alice In Wonderland

  • G
  • 2009
  • 43mins
SubtitlesBurmese (Zawgyi)Mandarin (Simplified)ThaiMalayEnglishIndonesianBurmeseIria, a beautiful princess from a small kingdom has refused every prince who has asked for her hand in marriage. When Iria nears 18 years old there is much worry that she will not find a prince of her liking, which would be horrible since without a prince there would be no heirs! One summer night, Iria whispered to the moon sharing her worries, an enchanted and mischievous frog overhears her; Iria is unaware that our four legged friend is actually a prince who needs her kiss to become a boy Prince once more. Our enchanted frog decides this is the perfect time to set the stage for his rescue and whispers back to the princess “You will marry the first creature that talks to you when you leave the castle…” How will the Prince Frog lure the Princess from the castle so they may reach happily ever after? Watch the wacky and exciting adventures unfold with many laughs and twists!