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A Good Funeral

A Good Funeral

  • R
  • 2009
  • 92mins
SubtitlesNepaliBanglaEnglishThaiMalayStarringGary ColeJennifer CoolidgeAgnes BrucknerTina HolmesJosh RandallJordan BridgesDirectorDavid MoretoAt her father’s funeral, Junior Talmadge remembers back 30 years to the last time she saw her Dad: the summer of 1979. Junior was graduating from college and had just gotten engaged. Her dad surprises the family when he arrives with a brand new motor home. He entices his kids into a final “family summer vacation,” the only way he knows how: he tells them he has cancer. Thus begins the family’s road trip to California, and their quest to become a real American family, the old-fashioned way, by being on a real American TV game show. As the family arrives in LA to audition for the show, secret after secret is revealed about their dad, forcing Junior and her brothers to confront the reality of who their Dad really is.