Full Metal Panic! 2nd Section – One Night Stand

Full Metal Panic! 2nd Section – One Night Stand

  • R
  • 2017
  • 83mins
SubtitlesKhmerMandarin (Simplified)ThaiEnglishIndonesianStarringTomokazu SekiSatsuki YukinoYukana NogamiDirectorKatsuichi NakayamaEncountered an aircraft accident in childhood and grew up in Afghanistan, Sergeant Sousuke Sagara is a special force member of the mysterious international organization— “Mithril”, who specially performs secret missions assigned by the organization around the world where is about to break out wars or armed clashes, to fight against terrorists, rescue hostages and solve all kinds of crisis. Now Sousuke’s latest mission is to leave for Japan as soon as possible and disguise as a high school student to slip into Jindai High School, in order to protect a 16 years old girl—Kaname Chidory. Kaname looks just like an ordinary high school girl, but for some reason she becomes the target of spies from all over the world. To protect Kaname, Sousuke drives the latest armor— “Arm Slave”, which just appeared on the battlefield in the late 80s, to confront other mysterious organizations.