• G
  • 1984
  • 143mins
StarringSivaji GanesanAmbikaJaishankarDirectorC. V. RajendranMurthi (S. V. Sahasranamam) comes to a village and he deceives Meenakshi (M. S. Draupadi); they have sex. After returning to his home town where he wants to marry Mohana (Vyjayanthimala); she loves Nathan (T. R, Ramachandran). Lakshmi discovers she is pregnant and goes to Murthi, who claims ignorance. She jumps into the sea in a suicide attempt. A passerby saves her and she has the baby. She leaves the baby with Nathan. He takes care of the baby and faces many problems. Learning about the baby, Mohana gets suspicious. Finally the actions of Murthi are exposed and he accepts Meenakshi as his wife.