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Esok Masih Ada

Esok Masih Ada

  • PG
  • 1980
  • 117mins
SubtitlesMalayEnglishStarringJins ShamsudinAzean IrdawatyChristine TeohDirectorJins ShamsudinMany may remember this classic “Esok Masih Ada”, where Azean Irdawaty clinched Best Actress at the inaugural Malaysian Film Festival in 1980. ASP Zamri’s family life crumbles when his only child succumbs to leukemia. His later befriends Marina, the daughter of Cheong, a banker whom he had saved from a robbery cum hostage attempt. When their friendship begins to blossom, out of sympathy or perhaps gratitude, Cheong convinces his daughter to marry Zamri following which they are blessed with a son, Jefri. However Jefri is placed in the care of Faridah, Zamri’s first wife, which results in Zamri now spending most of his time with Faridah and Jefri. Don’t miss the chance to catch this classic as if it were shot yesterday, by watching the digitally remastered version of “Esok Masih Ada” in HD (high-definition) and see how the triangle unfolds as loneliness creeps into Marina’s life.