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A Doll's Story

A Doll's Story

  • G
  • 2019
  • 21mins
SubtitlesEnglishStarringSudip BiswasMohene AkterRamisa NilaFarhana ZoyaJarin khan RotnaTasnim Helen NidraRaisa, a teenage girl secretly loves her neighbour Rafi who is older than her. Raisa can’t say about her feelings directly. So she expresses her feelings to him by a fake Facebook account. Rafi always tries to find out the real owner of that account as he also loves that girl. Once Rafi thinks that the owner must be his classmate & then he proposes her which breaks Raisa’s heart. After a few months Rafi understands his mistake that he had proposed the wrong girl & finds out that the real girl is Raisa. So finally he comes to Raisa, expresses his feelings & proposes her.