The Reunion (2011)

The Reunion (2011)

  • PG-13
  • 2011
  • 92mins
SubtitlesEnglishIndonesianThaiStarringJohn CenaEthan EmbryAmy SmartDirectorMike PavoneAfter the death of her father, a daughter fulfills his last wish and finds a way to bring her three brothers back together... Sam, a hardened cop currently on suspension.  Leo, a loud-mouthed overbearing bail bondsman.  And Douglas, a handsome twenty-year old thief fresh out of prison, who until recently never knew he even had a family.  When Leo discovers one of his high priced bails is suspected of kidnapping a wealthy mogul, he somehow convinces his brothers to help him track the delinquent down so he doesn't lose his big ticket bond. After following the con all the way into Mexico, action quickly develops as the three brothers find themselves in the middle of a dangerous adventure in the hopes of saving a missing man, and just maybe, becoming a family...