The Delphi Effect

SubtitlesEnglishStarringRobert GantShannen DohertyFraser BrownDirectorRon OliverAfter years of working as a covert government agent, a brush with death and the changing political landscape causes operative JACOB KEANE (Robert Gant) to make a career change. Now living in Milan, Jacob enjoys a quiet existence working as a photographer and caring for Julia, the daughter he shares with his ex-wife Kyra. His life takes a dramatic turn, however, when he receives a cryptic message for his former colleague, MARTA (Shannen Doherty). Racing to pick her up, Jacob soon realizes that something has happened to her memory, as she has no recollection of him or of her life in general. Worse still, they are both being hunted down by agents working for an unknown entity. Jacob and Marta have no idea who wants them dead, or why.