The Case For Christmas

The Case For Christmas

  • G
  • 2011
  • 87mins
SubtitlesEnglishStarringDean CainRachel BlanchardGeorge BuzaDirectorTimothy BondSanta sinks in his chair as he looks over the current Christmas Spirit meter. Christmas spirit is at an all time low and the workshop will never be able to keep running at this rate. Things go from bad to worse when Santa is notified he is being sued by sporting goods tycoon Braxton Bennett. Mr. Bennett claims that Santa triggered “extreme emotional distress” when he did not deliver the Christmas gifts he asked for as a child. In an effort to get the town on his side and Christmas Spirit back to its former glory, Santa decides to defend himself. At the courthouse Santa meets eight-year old LILY who recognizes Santa immediately and volunteers her dad, Andy, to defend him.