Dogstar: Christmas In Space

Dogstar: Christmas In Space

  • G
  • 2016
  • 93mins
SubtitlesEnglishStarringBrandon BurnsMichael CarmanMarg DowneyDirectorScott Vanden BoschFunnily enough, Christmas Eve in the year 2349 is exactly like Christmas Eve today, except for one thing: All of the world's dogs - including the Clak kids' devoted Hobart - suddently vanish! Simone, Glenn and Lincoln Clark must solve the mystery and rescue their beloved Hobart. With their alien Friend Gemma, they head off into space with their parent's spaceship "The Valiant" in search of clues. On the Dogstar, a giant space ark, the robot pilots Zeke and Alice awake to find themselves lost in space with all of the Earth's dogs aboard. Captain Rexx and Mister Spot, the Canoid dog-like aliens, were undercover on Earth spying on the humans, also find themselves in the Dogstar, and insist they are the most qualifed to fly it! On their quest, the Clark kids will make new friends, encounter old foes, but will they save the dogs? Or is it up to real Santa to bring a little Chrismas magic to the rescue?