Summer Shark Attack

Summer Shark Attack

  • PG-13
  • 2016
  • 85mins
SubtitlesThaiEnglishStarringAllisyn Ashley ArmDave DavisMichael PapajohnDirectorMisty TalleyRick and Diane decide to take their family on a trip to the Ozarks and bring Nana (Grandma) along who spent most of her time as a child in the southern Missouri terrain. Son, Harrison and Daughter, Molly aren’t too fond of the trip and would rather hang with their friends. Upon arrival, the town is getting ready for their summer celebration. Mean- while a group of locals disrupts a shiver of bull sharks that has made their home in a cove deep in the Ozarks. The family ends up in the middle of a fight between sharks and the town. The family pulls together to help ward off the sharks and save the town that Nana is from and will surely be a vacation that none of them will soon forget.