The Reason I'm Getting Married

The Reason I'm Getting Married

  • PG-13
  • 2014
  • 59mins
SubtitlesEnglishThaiIndonesianMalayStarringPark HeevonSong JonghoHong JonghyunYoon JoosangSeong ByeongsookKim JiwonSeunguk and Jiwon have been dating for 6 years and they are about to get married. However Jiwon is upset at Seunguk's unenthusiastic attitude towards their wedding. One day, Jungi, who used to like Jiwon and Jiwon meet by coincidence. Jiwon gets confused who to choose. And one day, she finds something her late father left behind and finds out about what happened between her father and Seunguk. Seunguk and Jiwon face so many obstacles while preparing for the wedding. Will they be able to get married?