Preman Pensiun The Movie

Preman Pensiun The Movie

  • G
  • 2019
  • 95mins
SubtitlesEnglishMalayStarringEpy KusnandarAndra ManihotDedi MochSandi TileTia ArifinSoraya Rasyid.DirectorAris NugrahaThis is a story about Kang Mus who has switched professions from the thug world. The ex-subordinates of Kang Mus are now live on the right path. Until one day, Gobang, one of Kang Mus' people, did not accept it when his brother was beaten into coma, thus planned to take revenge on the culprit by asking for help from other ex-thugs without Kang Mus' knowledge. Does this mean Kang Mus will return to his previous life? Meanwhile, Kang Mus became alarmed when his beloved teenage daughter, Safira, starts dating. As a father, he'll do anything to protect her daughter and this starts another kind of war in Kang Mus' life.