Bed Friend

Bed Friend

  • G
  • 2019
  • 36mins
StarringEvan SairSharmin AkhiImtu RatishShofiul Alam BabuLipsy ShoyleeAfifDirectorYamin ElanWhen the communication and social networking of the 21st century is making the world smaller, the distance amongst near and dear ones are getting further. Social network is making us social in the outer world but nothing is remaining homely. Thousands of social “friends” are taking away the real friendships among people. Even though Punam and Shovon knows this very well, their family still cannot escape the consequences. The friends we have in our happiness and sorrow are becoming strangers. The best friend is becoming “Bed Friend”. How does Punam and Shovon takes care of the alluring alternative options of the outer social world?