The Killer Eye

The Killer Eye

  • NC-17
  • 1998
  • 72mins
StarringNanette BianchiRyan Van SteenisJonathan NormanJacqueline LovellDave Oren WardBlake BaileyCostas KoromilasRoland MartinezDirectorRichard ChasenDavid DeCoteauA vision of pure terror! In an attempt to prove his theory that the human eye is the gateway to another dimension, a brilliant ophthalmologist performs his final experiment on an unwitting subject. The dead man's disembodied eye rises into the air and expands to enormous size. It is driven by a hunger for knowledge and a taste for young women. Starring the beautiful scream queen Jacqueline Lovell (Head of The Family, Trophy Heads) This the Unrated Director's Cut!