Hating Kapatid

Hating Kapatid

  • PG
  • 2010
  • 109mins
StarringJudy Anne SantosSarah GeronimoDirectorWenn V. DeramasRica and Cecil are sisters who grow up with their Lola Amor while their parents work abroad. Rica assumes parental responsibility to Cecil so when Cecil gets hurt in a minor accident she breaks up with her boyfriend Bong and vows to devote her life taking care of Cecil. The close relationship of the sister is threatened when their parents return home after so many years. Unlike Cecil Rica does not warm up to their parents easily. She even gets jealous as they start taking over guardianship of Cecil. Things take a turn for the worse when Cecil starts working meets Edsel and falls in love. As a solution Cecil tracks down Rica's former sweetheart Bong. But the friction between the sisters has intensified. Past wounds need to be healed to set things right again.