Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom

  • G
  • 1997
  • 115mins
StarringJanus del PradoMaricel LaxaMark GilAnne CurtisDirectorMac AlejandreOnce upon a time in a place not very different from Earth there lived three poor but gallant boys: Jobert Oman and Samuel. They were chosen by the wise Amain to be his disciples. Amain was an extraordinary man who could cross into other dimensions and whose purpose in life was to help those in need. Under his tutelage the three boys were gifted with magical powers. Elsewhere in the once peaceful kingdom of Damortis there lived a beautiful young girl named Princess Dahlia. The daughter of the Empress Sophia she became the target of her uncle Basilicus' murderous wrath after he killed the empress and crowned himself emperor. Her only hope for survival was Amain and his three wards.