Honey My Love So Sweet

Honey My Love So Sweet

  • PG
  • 1999
  • 110mins
StarringAntoinette TausSunshine DizonKim de los SantosDirectorBoots PlataTheir personalities are poles apart but Lissa, Cecille, and Jenny, are the best of friends. Traumatized by their experiences with boys, they form man-haters' club and pledge never to look at guys. But everything changes when they meet Gardy, Jigs, and Paco. Sparks soon fly and the three girls find themselves breaking the vows they made. But even the sweetest of young loves has its glitches. Gardy's snooty mom rejects Lissa; Cecille suffocates Jigs with her possessiveness; and Jenny discovers that Paco courted her out of a bet.