Dahil Ba Sa Kanya

Dahil Ba Sa Kanya

  • PG
  • 1998
  • 106mins
StarringLorna TolentinoEric QuizonAlbert MartinezDirectorJoel LamanganEric QuizonThe first time Jed sees Mitch he is instantly smitten by her. And when they finally meet he finds out that there's more to her than just a pretty face: she's even more beautiful inside. But no matter how much Jed wants to pursue Mitch, he cannot--his cousin Jonas is already courting her. Mitch for her part starts to fall for the easy spirited ways of Jed but she cannot reveal her true feelings because her bestfriend has already fallen head-over-heels for him. Are friendship and family ties stronger than love? Or can love rise above anything and everything that binds?