Bakit May Kahapon Pa

Bakit May Kahapon Pa

  • PG-13
  • 1996
  • 109mins
StarringEddie GarciaNora AunorDawn ZuluetaMelisse "Mumay" SantiagoSarah Jane AbadDirectorJoel LamanganAward-winning actress Nora Aunor turned in one of her finest performances as Helen a survivor. As a child she was mysteriously spared when soldiers led by then Col. Valderama massacred the peasants of the town of San Marco. But while her body healed her mind did not. Inside she was seething with anger and obsessed with getting back at the demonic Valderama. After many years her planning finally bore fruit. The man was at last within her reach. The drama of revenge was now nearing its climax. All it was waiting for was for Helen to set it in motion.