Ikaw Na Sana

Ikaw Na Sana

  • X
  • 1998
  • 91mins
StarringBobby AndrewsAngelu de LeonDirectorMac AlejandreBlanca (Angelu de Leon) is a bubbly young woman with a positive view on life but on the night she turns eighteen a curse comes true and and destroys her face and dreams. Her parents mysteriously disappear and she is left under the care of Barbara (Carmi Martin) her greedy aunt who takes over their wealth and treats her like dirt. Blanca's lonely world begins to brighten when she meets Rafael (Bobby Andrews) the blind stepson of Barbara and the obsession of her cousin Angie (Gladys Reyes). But her new found happiness crumbles when Rafael after regaining his sight sees and shocked by her deformed face. Hurt and humiliated Blanca runs away. She meets a rich businessman who helps her and pays for her surgery. Back to her old form Blanca sets out to vindicate herself.